Protect Your Athlete’s Teeth With A Mouthguard They Will Feel Good About Wearing

The kids are back in school and you know what that means…fall sports! According to the ADA, the American Dental Association, each year there are over 200,000 dental injuries that could probably have been prevented by wearing a mouthguard.

mouth guards protect teethProfessionally made mouthguards, such as the ProForm brand, are recommended for both professional and amateur athletes alike for their level of protection, comfort and fit, without interfering with speech or breathing during play. Professionally made mouthguards have the advantage over boil-and-bite types of mouthguards because of their superior fit and retention. In addition, they are thin, comfortable, custom fitted and will retain their shape long after other store bought mouthguards have worn out.

Custom made sports mouthguards reduce the chance of teeth breaking by distributing the stress of the impact across the tooth surface. A double layer of laminated sheet vinyl with a lingual plate is embedded behind the incisors. Other important characteristics of the material include strength, softness, compression and uniform density.

Advantages Of Custom Made Mouthguards

• Increased oxygen intake for maximum performance and endurance
• Improved speech for clear communication
• Natural comfort with a secure fit
• Provides maximum impact dispersion and protection against tooth damage
• Custom fit for any size mouth
• Numerous color options so you can match your uniforms

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