At Novak Dentistry, we use Invisalign clear braces to provide a straightening solution that is an alternative to traditional braces. Using a series of clear, removable aligners, Invisalign allows you to enjoy a beautiful smile while enhancing your oral health. 
As a certified Minnesota Invisalign invisible braces provider, Novak family Dentistry offers you high- quality care combined with time efficient visits as we aim to enhance your unique and confident smile with Invisalign aligners.  

-Time Efficient
-Practically Invisible

Benefits of Invisalign 

Initial Consultation - digital photographs and x-rays, map out treatment plan.
Customized Treatment Plan - Using 3-D images, our team will plan the stages of your tooth movement and to custom design a series of aligners that will straighten your teeth by degrees.
Alignment Process - You will switch your Invisalign aligner about every two weeks. The number of aligners will depend on your situation, however the average treatment generally involves 20-30 aligners. 

 Invisalign Process


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